Dual Drop

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Band Name for an acoustic band with two members?

I just started a band with my friend, and we have no idea what to name ourselves. We are playing acoustic, with a little electric later on. We want the name to have the word "two","double", "twin", "dual", or something related to "two". Thank you very much
@ χŦℓ♥ятχ, dont wory, we will get famous! I play guitar and sing, and he sings, plays bass, and guitar. Please keep with the answers, thanks to all of you
I need all the input possible, so give anything that pops into your head.

We will need it for tuesday, when school gets out.
That is when we are making a MySpace and other stuff with the band name. I will give credit to the person who we took from on the myspace.
(And when we get an MTV music award, we will thank you!!)
We will probably play yellowcard/sound like them. The other person in the band sounds like their voice.

I went to a band name generator and found these.
Some are just downright silly.

Good luck

* Dual Drop
* Goon Of The Dual Graduate
* Dual Hamster
* Dual Moose And The Ross
* Dual Alley
* Final Of The Zippy
* Dual Of The Minor Panic
* Armored Dual
* Dual Anesthetic
* Dual Ark


* Twin #45
* Twin Actor
* Twin Blubber
* Twin Cheese
* Twin Dressing
* Red Twin
* Sensual Twin
* Sublime Twin
* Twin Coffin
* Twin Youth

* Two Knee
* Dense Two
* Two Aggression
* Two Of The Anti
* Two Diamond
* Two Fuel Of The Faster Harmony
* Latin Two Of The Midnight Pickup
* Two Of The Prehistoric
* Two Of The Standard
* Two Zero
*Two Accusing

* Black Double
* Double Eagle
* Dainty Of The Joyful
* Double Already
* Above Double
* Double Mercury
* Double Mosquito
* Double Greed
* Double Moral
* Double Paradox

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