27 Npt

How can i use a paintball tank for my train horns?

what will i need? i know you need a regulater to drop the psi too 150. where can i get the parts? please help!

Easiest setup? Get a Female Palmer's Stabilizer regulator with a gauge on it. Tank screws in directly, then you can run a line from the reg to the horn. Dunno what fittings you'll need for the horns themselves, but i'm positive you can find them all at Palmer-pursuit.com. I know the Stabilizer uses 1/8 NPT threaded fittings (sometimes labelled as 1/8-27 NPT). Same threads for the gauge. They are standard threads in paintball.

Start out by tuning the Stabilizer all the way down. Then screw in the tank and adjust it up to about 140 psi. Blow the horn a couple times to settle the pressure, then tune up a little til you're close to 150 psi.

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