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Sims2 Open for Business?

I Just bought this- any tips and tricks you can suggest? Any help appreciated.

Thank heaps guys.

Open for business was really tough for me to figure out. This guide helped out a bunch I also could not figure out how to promote a sim to manager so here's how...
"Once Sims collect several Talent Badges, they can be promoted to manager. To raise to this level, the employee must have amassed five points worth of badges under the following scale:

Bronze: 1 point
Silver: 2 points
Gold: 3 points

Thus, an employee with 3 Bronze and 2 Silver, and one with a Gold and a Silver both qualify for promotion

good luck and have fun

Also I found that instead of giving employees breaks use the cheat ( *Shift* *Ctrl* *C* to bring up box) Maxmotives: makes all sims on your property happy and all needs full. (also works very well in pregnancy) you will never have to eat sleep or shower again

and of course to have enough money when starting your business you can use the cheat: Motherlode to get 50,000 simolians

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