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Global warming and over population will Africa suffer 1st and the most!?

Most of Africa is unstable and poor also the climate is already pretty extreme will the poor go even more hungry if the prices of food etc goes up and droughts far more severe from global warming etc kill off even more Africans?

First? yes, it's already happening. In Darfur. 300,000 dead. And counting.

much of the problem will be the social upheaval that's associated with warming, and weather changes.

Most? That's much harder to say. There are far more people in India, China, and that area of the world. The Himalayas supply much of their water, and the glaciers are melting rapidly. The rapid decline increases the annual water supply, until the decline is sufficient that there is not enough left to permit more melt than precipitation, after which, the annual available water supply will decline dramatically.

The worst part is that there are nuclear weapons, and governments that are not particularly responsive to the needs and wants of their people. That's a recipe for disaster.

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