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Should I go military or civilian flight training?

If I want to fly for the airlines, should I go military training or civilian. I am getting an accounting degree anyway. I dont want to serve in the military unless I can be a pilot. How is the allotment for pilot slots in recent years in AFROTC for example? I am also willing to take out a loan and pay it back diligently with my low pay in the beginning. :) Is this a good plan, or should I take my chances with the military?

WELL here's how it is...

You could go the civillian way, you'd have to find a source of funding. Not an easy task...but there are loans, scholarships and other ways to do it...It'll take a few years but you'll get the ratings and licenses you require. MANY pilots just go for a degree first and then work in that industry to raise the money for their flight training and then they get trained as opposed to getting trained and going for a degree at the same time, this option takes a lot longer but it could be worth it...Loans should be your last resort. It's what's killing the industry these days. Pilots get paid crap and that means they become debtors with horrible credit. Unfortunately for most people...Loans are the ONLY resort to get trained...But hey, when you think about it, it's just money, silly green paper we arbitrarily decide is worth something, achieving your dream job is priceless, so many people go to the grave having never did what they wanted to do in life. Do whatever it takes whether it be waiting, getting scholarships or getting loans.

ORRRRR you could go the military way. Keep in mind: military training for pilots counts for nothing but great flight experience in the civil world, you still need civil training to fly in the civil world...Anyways, you need three things to be a military pilot:

1. You need to be an officer in the military, Warrant Officer rank or higher.
2. You need a four year degree to be a military pilot (or an officer for that matter)
3. You need to...well...You need to be all kinds of awesome to put it simply. You need to be in perfect health, you need to be a certain height and a certain weight (just between 5'4 and 6'2 I think), you need to be able to speak and understand perfect english, you need to be intelligent enough to pass a flight aptitude test AND intelligent enough to just be selected to take the test and you need to be the top of your officer class. They choose just the best of the best. And to be a fighter pilot...They choose the best of the best of the best.

Let's say you go the way of the AFROTC, a good plan if it's right for you. Your best option would be to go to college for civil flight training, that way you get your licenses and ratings that you need for civil flight when your service is up and you get some good knowledge to pass a flight aptitude test. And then...You spend 7-14 YEARS in the military. If you're perfect, you can be the elite of the elite and be one of the few pilots in the airforce (and there are only a few, just 10% of airforce personnel are pilots and that's the branch of the military that has the MOST pilots) but most likely you'll be another officer on the ground. This option is hard as hell and will probably cost a good chunk of your life and sanity.

It's all up to you. Both ways are extremely hard to stick out but the results are equally spectacular. Your choice of evils.

Choose wisely!

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