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Another camping question...what tent?

I asked a question about camping in a previous thread and people were very helpful.

I called the UK store www.gooutdoors.co.uk but they don't ship the tent that I want to the US nor can you pay with a US credit card. So I'm screwed.

I've been looking on all the camping websites like rei,com, marmot.com, sierratravelpost (something like that), cabalas, etc. I cannot find a tent on a US website that matches up with the High Gear Mojave 5 or High Gear Atakama 5 tents from that UK store. I'm looking for a tent with no less than two rooms, waterproof at least 3000mm HH, and sleeps 4 plus. Oh and the rainfly must be all the way to the ground if it has one.

Is there any other tent site in the US that has more variety and that has possible matches like thos High Gear tents I mentioned? They are also cheap. The ones I found so far that more or less match those are a lot more expensive than the High Gear ones.

Any ideas? thanks guys.

Hi, I'm in the UK. Only people who know little about tents or who want a cheap tent for a one-off camping holiday in good weather or for garden use would buy those High Gear tents you're after.
You can get a good one and you can also get a very bad one. Luck of the draw what you get.


For decent quality, good waterproofing and a reasonable price look at Coleman. I have three Coleman tents of different sizes, the tiny super-lightweight Raid and the Viper for treks and a family tent for use on camp sites and I never regretted buying any of them.


Vango and REI also do good ones at a decent price. Vango's Force Ten tents like the Spindrift are used on Everest and other high peaks.


Many original style canvas Force Ten ridge tents were also used on Everest... Mine is over 30 years old and still good.


Their family tents are well made and good value.


REI do all sorts of good quality equipment at reasonable prices


Camping allsorts.


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