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what was the most powerful steam locomotive in the world?

powerful meaning which steam locomotive could pull the longest/heaviest train at a high speed of like 35-50mph? I'm thinking maybe UP Big Boy but I heard there were other powerful locomotives too.

Power in a steam locomotive is generally described as "tractive effort" , and is rated in pounds. This is the ability of a locomotive to start a train rolling , not keep it rolling. The locomotives with the greatest tractive effort were the 2-8-8-8-4's of the Virginian Ry. with a TE of 199,560 lbs. These locomotives were a colossal failure. Their boilers couldn't make enough steam to keep them moving faster than 5 mph .The Baldwin Locomotive Works didn't give up on these "drag" locomotives , and had plans to build a 2-8-8-8-8-8-2 , that the Santa Fe was interested in .
Other ,high TE locomotives were- Virginian AE class 2-10-10-2 @ 176,000 lbs : NW ,Y5/Y6 2-8-8-2 @170,000, lbs : PRR HC1 2-8-8-0 135,000 lbs : UP "Big Boy" 4-8-8-4 @ 135,375 lbs. The PRR , Q2 4-4-6-4 @ 114,860 lbs. This locomotive was not an articulated , but had a rigid frame , and as such had the highest TE of all rigid framed steam locomotives.
The Delaware and Hudson Ry experimented with high powered small locomotives . These experimentals ended with the #1403 This locomotive , a 4-8-0 , was a 4 cyl , triple expansion compound , with a water tube boiler @ 500 psi , and developed a TE of 108,000 lbs!
Locomotives with a high TE weren't generally successful . The ability to keep a train rolling quickly , and economically became more important than the amount of power available for starting a train . In the end it was the "Big Boys" and "Allegheny"s and "Challengers" that won the race . And the argument of who's best will be waged till the clang of doom

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