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WHAT DID Granville T. Woods INVENTED?

When did he invented it (what time) A small Good descript couple of sentences would be helpful! =]

In 1888, Woods developed a system for overhead electric conducting lines for railroads, which aided in the development of the overhead railroad system found in cities such as Chicago, St. Louis, and New York City. In his early thirties, he became interested in thermal power and steam-driven engines. In 1889, he filed his first patent for an improved steam-boiler furnace. In 1892, a complete Electric Railway System was operated at Coney Island, New York. In 1887, he patented the Synchronous Multiplex Railway Telegraph, which allowed communications between train stations from moving trains. Woods's invention made it possible for trains to communicate with the station and with other trains so they knew exactly where they were at all times.

Alexander Graham Bell’s company purchased the rights to Woods’s "telegraphony", enabling him to become a full-time inventor. Among his other top inventions were a steam boiler furnace and an automatic air brake used to slow or stop trains. Woods’s electric car was powered by overhead wires. It was the third rail system to keep cars running on the right

BTW it is "invent" not invented

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