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What toy is all the rage among 11 year old boys these days?

For a birthday party gift.

Would it be boring to buy a Lego Star Wars set?
Yeah see I don't know this kid very well, and my son (who will be 11 in April) loves Lego Star Wars but I realise that might not be typical, so I don't know what to get him.
The coolest building toy EVER are Kapla Stacks. My boys love those. Do you think those would be good maybe?

my older son is 11. sure, many kids that age are still into legos. at least among his group of friends, they're all in to gizmos that you construct (e.g. those robot/circuit toys that you can put together and program); remote-control helicopters; music (though exactly which music depends on the kid so a generic itunes gift card is a good option); anything to do with minecraft (or computers generally); and ripsticks/skateboards.

but actually our gift of choice these days to the kids' middle school friends is usually some kind of activity. as our gift, my kid will take their kid to the indoor trampoline park, or laser tag, or trapeze, and then take them to lunch afterwards. i know my own kids enjoy activities more than things at their age and their friends seem to appreciate it.

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