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There are flies all over the apartment!?

Agh! We opened a window for about 20 seconds last night to let some smoke out from attempting to make falafels at like 8:30. Tonight, at 9:38, they're everywhere. I've found about 20 flies corpses, and there are at least 10 still buzzing around. I sprayed some with Raid. Those are currently freaking the holy hell out. Jeezus Christ. Someone tell me this is not permanent. Or tell me what I should do to keep them out. We live in the garden unit, so just outside the window is grass, plants and dirt. Oy.

garden unit? ground floor? Maybe you need to inspect the grounds for animal feces.
Wild or domestic, soft dirt is a good place to bury poop.
Also here is a couple of sites that sell FLY predator insects,
I.P.M. Labs @bald.com I think that is what the site is. They sell good bugs to eat bad bugs, including flies!!!!


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