20 Scale

What do the numbers on the side of my contact lens box mean? what number on the 20/20 scale am i??

ok my box says
BC= 8.2
DIA= 14.2
PWR= -3.75

what do these numbers mean???
how do these compare to the 20/20 scale?

They don't compare to the 20/20 scale at all. We can't tell what the 20/20 value may have been just by knowing the power of the contacts.

You may have a 0.50 or even 0.75 astigmatism correction needed that doesn't show up in the contact prescription, and that could throw estimates of the 20/20 value way off.

The letters you can see on the eyechart are a complete different measurement than the power you need in your lenses.

The 8.2 is the Base curve of your lenses, the 14.2 is the diameter of the lenses, and the - 3.75 is the power of the lenses...that's what those numbers mean.

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