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Social Science Topic?

So me and my partner had come up with a social science fair project and it was kind of like this, what minority does better in school right whether asian or african americans (not being sterotypical)but thats what we came up with and the teacher approved. so i was wondering how one goes about completing this. My teacher suggested we get information from some education place idk where and then make sure the two groups are on the same economical status when we conduct research, but what i want to know is how we could complete the project becasue we haven't even started!! HELP
I also need a catchy name or title to put on my display board. So please come up with one when answering my question. thanks

Hmm. I am a social science major and here are tips to get you started with a social science experiment:

1) Search the Web/Library for existing information on Asian education and AfAm education

2) Determine your measure for "doing better". Is it in grades? attendance? awards? friends?

3) Do a sample experiment. THink of anumber i.e. 50 students and conduct a survey asking for estimated number of awards averages and ethnicity. allow them to remain anonymous then compile information after collecting more than enough. note that you must take even Caucasians or other natives results for comparison purposes. It must be random. i.e 20 Asians, 20Af Ams, 20 Caucasians

4) Analyze data collected: based on your surveys, do asians do better relative to others?

5) conclude and state results. you may have the option to cite possible causes of the result and suggest that this may be studied by other researchers

Present with charts and even videos. use simple, fun and easy to understand language

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