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Why did Camaro and Trans Ams sales slip, compared to the Mustang?

How did the Camaro and Trans Am's sales fall so low that GM cut production?

For about the same price as the Mustang, the Camaro and Trans Am were always a bit more powerful. (Even the 1999-2004 Mustangs only had a 190 HP V6 and the a 260 HP V8, While 1998-2002 Camaros and Firebirds had a 200 HP V6 and a 305 HP V8 engine. Still the 2007 Mustang GT falls short of 5 HP than the 1998-2002 Camaro, which is several years older).

Mustang enthusiast had to buy the more expensive Mustang Cobra to have comparable times to the base Camaro z28 and Trans Am.

With the Camaros and Trans Ams being more powerful, how is it that they're production numbers fell?

For one thing, some corrections are in order.

The question shoud be phrased with "Firebird" not "Trans Am" because that was what the base model was.

Additionally, you claim the Mustang was available with up to 260hp, but then you mention the Cobra. Why do you make that distinction, yet you don't make it for the WS6/SS packages? You're not comparing apples to apples, especially considering the Z/28 and Trans Am's base engine was around 285hp. This can also be argued when you point out the older Camaro makes more than the current GT. What about the Shelby GT? GT500? GT500KR?

The F-bodies sold in combined numbers that were not equal to the Mustang's. Why was that?

For one thing, the Mustang's core buyers were women. The Mustang was not overstyled like the F-bodies, so visibility was better, ingress/egress was better, and it was just a more comfortable car.

Meanwhile, the F-bodies were clearly targeted to men. And when they got that insurance bill, they often decided to get another vehicle - in many cases, pickup trucks with RWD.

The plant in Canada that built these cars were better utilized to building cars were GM could make a decent profit, which was very important because GM was not in great shape at the time. Blaming bean counters is not telling the whole story, and I don't blame GM for getting rid of the cars - they just didn't have the resources to redesign them, especially considering they needed to sell a certain amount that just wasn't happening. But time heals wounds, and we all know the Camaro is coming back.

Horsepower is not the clincher in the sales wars. The F-bodies were difficult cars for a large percentage of auto buyers, and their needs were better met by the Mustang or smaller, more practical sport coupes.

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