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Can I earn 6 figures as a car sales man?

I'm 16 now but when I graduate do you think if I became a car sales man I would be able to make 6 figures with in a couple years? How hard is it to rank up? I have connections because my uncle has worked at many dealerships in my town and is now a manager at a Lexus showroom in Santa Monica. He makes way more than 6 figures!

Can you make that much? Sure. The best at anything make a lot of money. Is it likely? Of course not. Only the top few percent of car salesmen will make that much money. Most car salesmen struggle to make the minimum wage, and wash out pretty quickly. Turnover for car salesmen is huge.

It doesn't really matter what kind of cars you sell. Sure, Maseratis and Lexus cost a lot more (meaning the commission for selling one is potentially higher), but the market for those cars is much smaller than Hondas or Toyotas. A top salesman may only sell a few high end cars a month, but a top salesman at a volume non-luxury car dealership might sell dozens. Money can be the same either way.

Good luck!

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