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Wall material ideas for 3 season sun room?

We have a glass enclosed sun room that is not heated and will freeze in the winter. It will NOT be exposed to rain or snow.

3 of the walls are glass, the 4th is against the house and has a sliding door (to the kitchen) in the middle of it. What material is best for this wall?

I do not want drywall or plaster in there.
It was siding but is also wasn't enclosed until about a month ago. It is now glass enclosed and the siding has been removed. Remaining are sheets of foam insulation covering the studs and fiberglass insulation.

One option is tongue and groove boxcar siding, run at a 45 degree angle. It's an attractive wall, and should hold up to the elements if you seal it properly. Be sure to seal the back side of the boards before you install them. Hope this helps.

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