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How many 400 mL beakers would a mole of m&m's fill?

How would you solve this?

If you Google for the volume of one M&M, you will find 0.636 mL.

A 400 mL beaker actually holds more than 400 mL. The 400 mL is simply the top line on the volume scale printed on the glass. For simplicity, use 400 mL.

There would also be a packing fraction because the M&M fitting into the beaker would leave some open space. So, not all 100% of the 400 mL would hold M&M's.

If we ignore the packing fraction, we have this:

400 mL divided by 0.636 mL per M&M = 629 M&M's per beaker

It was actually 628.93, but rounding up as opposed to down won't make much difference.

The final calculation:

6.022 x 10^23 M&M's divided by 629 M&M's per beaker = 9.574 x 10^20 beakers

Round off the answer as you see fit.

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