Tapping Screws

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could someone share with me their technique on welding a cracked head i am a welder and would like to compare?

the head is from a boat motor,cracked in several places,i have ground the crackes out and am ready to brase with hts528,should i drill and tap and insert a self tapping screw at each end of the crack?

I've never had good success using the brazing method on cast iron. I would rather use nickel and arc welds for a mechanical vs a chemical bond.

Cracks must be prepared, properly. Be sure to "V" out the crack and extend the grind on the surface about 1/8" to 1/4" to remove impurities from the casting process. Cracks should be "stop drilled" to keep the crack from extending, but don't need to be pinned.

As has been pointed out, preheat entire casting, I use an old oven I found at the dump, weld in small passes, peen while hot (this also removes slag) then weld stop holes. When finished, I cover it with sand and leave it to cool for a couple of hours.

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