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How to go natural properly without cutting everything off?

ok well i wanted to go natural but my mom told me my hair will just fall out because i got it relaxed unless just cut it all off and go bald until my curly hair grows back cant i stop relaxing it and trim it every now and then?

no you don't have to cut it off it called trasitioning but you have to wear your hair in protective style most of the time like braids,buns,and twist out and you have to be gentle with your hair. your natural hair and your permed hair are different, like one is more coarse than the other, then you will have to eventually loose all the hair you've permed, because the straight/relaxed hair isn't as strong as your natural hair. Don't worry, though, because there is a way to transition to your natural hair without cutting off everything at once. It's called making a long transition. Basically, this involves not getting any more perms/relaxers and cutting 2-3 inches off every 2 months (kind of like a trim).

Pamper your hair and scalp, so your natural hair will grow quickly enough to replace the length you must cut/loose on a regular basis. Also, keep your hair VERY conditioned to avoid breaking off massive amounts of your permed hair (use a deep conditioner every week and don't use heat or anything that could damage your natural hair).

Usually it takes a year or two for someone transitioning to get rid of all their permed hair, but it can be done without the big chop (bc) aka. cutting it all off at once. Most transitioners wind up doing a bc anyway though, because they find it easier than dealing with two different hair textures.

Wishing you the best

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