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I need a Full HD TV Tuner for my PC. Where can I find a good one, that works with Windows Vista?

The only one I found was Pinnacle PCTV To Go HD Wireless. It is really good, but It does not works for me; I am working with a 802.11n network, and this device is a 802.11g. What can I do?

Well, the new 802.11n equipment is backward-compatible with earlier standards like 802.11g and 802.11b - so it should work with your network, just at 802.11g speeds (54mb)

Wireless-N is so new, I don't know if any company has manufactured a wireless TV tuner card for that specification yet. Most wireless equipment on the market and currently in use is still 802.11g. As for Vista, it will probably be a few months before Microsoft releases their first service pack to address Vista's issues with existing hardware. For now, XP remains the more reliable platform.

Now keep in mind, the Pinnacle PCTV To Go device broadcasts content across your network. If you don't need that and just want a HD TV tuner that's installed in your PC, then get something like the ATI HDTV Wonder or Hauppage WinTV-HD cards.

You might want to check out reviews in any case:

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