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how much fee if choose Standard flat rate shipping from Canada to Singapore?

HI. i just order a LV bag from Ebay. The seller in Toronto Canada. The shipping fee from Canada to singapore around 93us, and wait for 4 weeks. I'm so confusing! Got any way better and cheaper? Standard flat rate shipping can be cheaper?

Generally sellers on eBay declare the shipping fees before you bid, this way you can price shop with more information.

To be honest $US93 isn't that far off. I sent 4 pairs of shoes from San Francisco and it was about that price. Make sure you are getting insurance, and that they are declaring everything to customs. As far as I am aware, there is no standard shipping charges anymore, it is all done by size and weight. And by air, so 4 weeks wait is a bit of a problem, because it should only take 1 week.

And most importantly, get a certificate of authenticity. There are a lot of shady operators on eBay, and selling well-made counterfeit stuff to unsuspecting customers.

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