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Any tips for writing on a shirt with fabric paint?

I have to do a poetry shirt for language arts and we have to write on a shirt with fabric paint (puffy paint). I want my words to look neat but my hand keeps shaking and cramping from squeezing the bottle. Help!

Try ballpoint fabric paint for that. A good ballpoint fabric paint rolls on with little or no squeezing. A smooth, high quality acrylic ballpoint paint is a joy to use over squeeze paint...ANY day. These have a removable ballpoint tip on them which allows you to apply them with practically no mess at all.

You may wish to avoid metal ballpoint tube paints because there are problems with tips, quality, and flow. Ballpoint paints have evolved over those smelly, difficult metal tube ones that your grandmother probably used.

If you need lots of colors, they are out there. Ballpoint paints are the way to go especially when doing text onto fabric.

It is very easy to transfer your words to fabric using your computer and a hot iron transfer ink pen. Just print it out in the size and font you wish to the cheapest, lightest paper you have using an inkjet printer. Using an outline font is easiest. Then just turn it over and trace the outlines with the transfer pen. That will create a "transfer design" which you can then place inkjet-printed side up onto your t-shirts and iron onto it up to 3 or 4 times. If you need to use it more times, just re-trace with the transfer ink pen. Transfer ink pens are not expensive (around $3 or $4) and will let you make many, many transfer design sheets.

Once your outline is on the fabric, just paint in the color or colors of your choice.

If you need to paint to a dark color fabric, there are easy and inexpensive ways to do make the light outlines also. This info is on for free.

You may also need to use a handier sized fabric paint for puff painting. Have you tried the 2 ounce Jones Tones Puff Paints? The tube design seems to be easier for some people to use and hold onto. The 2 ounce size also seems to be easier to squeeze and does not take as much effort as small bottles.

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